Discontinuous Panel Lines

Discontinuous processes are preferred for limited productions, customized shapes, thick panels and when it is also necessary to include moulding frames and camlock fixings in the foams.
They are particularly used for the domestic and industrial refrigeration industry.
There are many solutions for flat panel production from a single foaming platen to multi-daylight presses, complete with automatic loading/unloading systems, hydraulic demoulding equipment and possible tilting system.
For the production of multiple panels in one cycle we suggest the solution of single or multi-daylight presses with fixed platens.
“1+1” or “2+2” presses, equipped with shuttling platens, are dedicated to the production of insulated panels for cold rooms, building applications and refrigerated trucks.
While one panel is foamed and cured inside the press, another one is prepared outside: in this way the production process is optimized.
The range of discontinuous panels lines include also book-opening presses which are for open-mould foaming processes as well as our system called “Lance” where a special HP mixing head is dispensing the liquid foam inside the panel thanks to a retractable arm placed on one of the sides.