Continuous Sandwich Panel Lines with Flexible Faces

Continuous sandwich panel lines with flexible faces are mainly used for thermal insulation of domestic and industrial applications: flat or pitched roofs, wall, floor or ceiling insulation, agricultural and air ducts.

Continuous lines systems are formed of a series of machines and equipment which are set up in functional groups, each one with its own mechanical and electronic autonomy; the different units are linked together by one process data control system.
I sistemi in continuo sono costituiti da una serie di macchine e attrezzature impostati in gruppi funzionali, ognuna con una propria autonomia meccanica ed elettronica, le diverse unità sono collegate tra loro da un sistema di controllo dei dati di processo.

A standard, conventional, fully integrated continuous panels production plant is composed of:

  • Uncoilers for flexible substrates
  • Pre-heating oven
  • Multi-components high pressure metering machine
  • Reactive mixture distribution units
  • Laydown table
  • Double belt conveyor with relevant heating system
  • Panel profile change-over system
  • Cross cut saw machine
  • Panels unloading and stacking line
  • Final packaging line

A production plant using pentane as blowing agent requires specific safety construction, manufacturing design and production process technology.
In this aspect, particular attention is paid to the area classification (risk assessment), personnel safety against injuries, safe operation of machinery and environmental issues.